Green Boot Media Supports Conservation Through Technology

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How many of you have an iPhone or iPod? How many of you run, walk or workout at the gym with your device? Green Boot Media, a media company, supports and promotes nature conservation by delivering effective, interactive media exposure for organizations committed to protecting our natural resources. Through use of free mobile applications and multiple social media outlets, they develop interactive and performance based media for environmental non-profit organizations.

Green Boot Media offers a FREE iPhone pedometer application that creates profits from advertising and allocates 15% of advertising profits to listed organizations, now including SAHC. The charities that have the higher percentage of steps submitted in their favor receive a higher percentage of Green Boot Media’s 15% donation. It’s a fun and healthy way to promote nature conservation to a growing tech savvy audience.

Download the iTunes Greenboot pedometer application on your iPhone NOW  and log steps for SAHC while you are walking to work, working out, hiking, or any other time you are out and about. The more “steps” submitted for SAHC, the more exposure we gain and the more money we receive. Get outside and walk to support SAHC and our important work!

OUR CODE: 1082

Step One: Download version 1.3 to your iPhone or iTouch.

Step Two: Find cell phone coverage before walking. (If you see ads then you’re covered).

Step Three: Remember to press the “Lock” button.

Step Four: Don’t forget to submit 1082 for Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy before pressing done.

Step Five: Walk as much as possible.

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