For Love of Beer and Mountains: Hike to Little Hump Mountain

When you hike to the top of Little Hump Mountain in the Highlands of Roan, you see a completely unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains from its high elevation grassy bald. The Ridge and Valley Province lies to your west in Tennessee and the renowned peaks of Grandfather Mountain, Table Rock, and Linville Gorge rise to the east in North Carolina. Depending on the season, you could have  bluets at your feet and flame azaleas in your line of vision as you look out across the mountains.  When you visit this special place, you understand why conservationists have made this area a priority for protection.

The Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and Highland Brewing Company became partners in 2010 to raise awareness of the importance of land protection in our region. To do that, Highland Brewing Company names their seasonal ales after protected peaks in the region. Little Hump Mountain was the inspiration for their spring seasonal. The three organizations led a guided hike to celebrate the release on Saturday, May 21st.

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Want more? Click here for another hiker’s photos!

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2 thoughts on “For Love of Beer and Mountains: Hike to Little Hump Mountain

  1. Leslie Hollingsworth

    I’m trying to find a web site that I found about 3 years ago…Someone who rents cottages and has a hiking tour of plants (or herbs) used for medicinal purposes, and also has classes on how to make your own medicines from these plants. Her lodging was also close enough to the Appalachian Trail for hiking. I thought it was called Green Mountain_ _ __ ? Do you have or know any information on this? It has to be in or around North Carolina. Please email me ASAP .I would like to make reservations.

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